Dr Samir Mahmood Mohammed Abudraz

طب الأطفال وحديثي الولادة

طب الأطفال وحديثي الولادة

الدكتور سمير محمود محمد عبد الرزاق


Consultant- طب الأطفال وحديثي الولادة

Dr.Samir Mahmood Mohammed Abudraz is an experienced and qualified doctor completed his medical graduation from TANTA University, Egypt. He is awarded MRCP (UK) in 1994. He is also an Arab & Palestenian board certified professional with vast experience from various parts of the world.

Services Offered

  • Care and follow up of the newborn babies
  • Routine and optional vaccination
  • Development and neurological assessment of infants
  • Diagnosis and treatment of nutritional deficiencies and anemia
  • Special experience in asthma and allergic disease & Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea & Diagnosis and treatment of chronic constipation and enuresis
  • Prevention and treatment of seasonal respiratory infections
  • Diagnosis and treatment 

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