Dr. Hesham Ghzayel

علم أمراض المسالك البولية

علم أمراض المسالك البولية

د. هشام غزيل

Jordan Board - Jordan Arab Board in Urology - Syria

Specialist- علم أمراض المسالك البولية

Dr.Hesham Abdulwahab Ghzayel, is an expert and skilled surgeon in Urology. he has Jordan Board in Urology (Jordan-2016)& Arab Board in Urology (Syria-2017).
His experience for 6 years in Jordan.
He is skilled in endourological and open procedures including urinary tract stones, prostate enlargement, bladder cancers, urethral strictures, and male infertility.

Services Offer:

- Male infertility, Varicocele, Hydrocele.  
-Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation 
-Fragmentation stones (kidney, ureter, urinary bladder) by Endoscope and Laser.
-Prostatic problems and its surgery by endoscope
-Urethral strictures by endoscope
-Recurrent urinary tract infections
-Bloody Urination
-Urinary bladder masses by endoscope
-Undescended testis in children
-Nocturnal enuresis
-Urinary incontinence and neurogenic bladder

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