يتميز كل من أقسامنا بتبنيه نهج خاص بكل حالة، ودعم مرضانا بدءا من مرحلة التشخيص وحتى علاج الحالة الطبية وتوفير الرعاية ما بعد العلاج.

إحجز موعد

Department of

أمراض القلب عند الأطفال

About Speciality

Children who have congenital and acquired heart disease need complex, multifaceted care for continued survival and better quality of life. Starcare Paediatric Cardiology department educates you and your child about your heart (cardiac) anatomy, future health and potential future heart conditions. The department is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for every patient as well as providing long-term support for every family. At starcare a dedicated team of Paediatric Cardiologists along with the paramedics provides comprehensive evaluation and management for patients with a wide range of congenital and acquired heart disease. Care is provided to patients from fetal life through adolescence and extends to the care of adults with congenital heart disease.

Services Offered

  • Paediatric Echocardiography
  • Heart murmur evaluation
  • Heart Rhythm problems
  • Paediatric Cardiac Check-ups & ECG
  • Pre – surgical cardiac evaluation for Neonates
إحجز موعد