Dr. Neha Raut Pokale

طب وزراعة الأسنان

طب وزراعة الأسنان

الدكتورة نيها بوكالي


GP- طب وزراعة الأسنان

Dr.Neha is a licensed dental practitioner in India and Oman. She completed her graduation in 2012 from Maharastra University of Health Sciences.

Later, she practiced at St.George Government Hospital, Mumbai and a corporate Dental clinic chain in Mumbai for 5 years.

She moved to Oman in 2018 and has been practicing in Barka and Muscat since then. She has attended workshops/ lectures on advanced Endodontics and cosmetic restorations. Her vast clinical experience, has helped in restoring beautiful smiles and dealing with complicated cases.

Her expertise lies in painless Root canal procedures, cosmetic fillings, teeth replacement and surgical Extractions.

Services Offered:

·       Root Canal Treatment

·       Hollywood Smile

·       Teeth Whitening

·       Emax/Zirconia crowns and veneers and bridges

·       Paediatric Treatments

·       Minor Surgical Procedures

·       Cosmetic Teeth Fillings

·       Teeth and Gum Prophylaxis

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