Dr Nasser Al Sibani

الطب النفسي والسلوكي

الطب النفسي والسلوكي

الدكتور ناصر السيباني


Sr. Consultant- الطب النفسي والسلوكي

Dr Nasser, a senior consultant at Starcare Hospital, completed his MD from Sultan Qaboos University and FRCPC from University of Alberta, Canada. He is a senior clinical lecturer at SQU and the chairman, Scientific Committee of Psychiatry Residency Program of Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) and also has obtained fellowship in Psychotherapy. Dr. Nasser is involved with the media’s including, TV, Radio and the press in discussing and detailing Psychiatric problems in the society. He is the author of many articles and educational material in the field. Actively involved in social work and closely associated with social organizations, he has given lectures on psychotic problems and educates Para medics and general public on the topic.

Services Offered

  • Psychotherapy
  • General Adult psychiatry
  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Old Age psychiatry
  • Organic Psychiatry
  • Medication Management

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