Dr. Said Al Akhbari

Radiology & Imaging

Department of Radiology & Imaging

Dr. Said Al Akhbari


Sr. Consultant- Radiology & Imaging

Interventional Radiology Procedures:

• Ultrasound Guided Peritoneal and Pleural Cope loop insertion

• Ultrasound/ CT Guided Percutaneous Drainage of Liver Abscess

• Ultrasound Guided Aspiration of Hepatic collection.

• Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Cholecystostomy

• Ultrasound Guided Liver and Renal Biopsy

• CT Guided Biopsy of Lung Nodule/Mass

• CT Guided Drainage

• Percutaneous nephrostomy and Drainage ( PCN)

• DJ stent insertion

• Check Nephrostogram Post DJ stent

• Changes of Nephrostomy Catheter.

• Percutaneous Transhepatic cholangiography and Biliary Drainage ( PTC).

• Check Cholangiogram

• Change of Right or Bilateral Biliary Catheter

• Tunneled dialysis catheter insertion (Permcath).

• Change of Permcath

• Permcath Re-adjustment

• Single lumen Peripheral insertion of a central catheter (S/L PICC).

• Double lumen Peripheral insertion of a central catheter (D/L pr PICC)

• Ultrasound Guided FNAC of Thyroid Nodule

• Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy

• TRUS prostate biopsy

• CT guided Epidural injection

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